The Sanibel School PTA would like to invite you to contribute directly to the PTA, once again, with our “Donation Invitation Plan of Action” campaign for the 2019-2020 school year!  Our current goal is to raise $30,000 (by November 1st) by requesting $100.00 from 300 families, friends, businesses, etc. that would be willing to help build our budget to benefit our school and especially our children!!  (And, of course, with always great appreciation if able to donate more!) Donations raised like such, in the past, have proven to be the most efficient way to improve our financial standings as well as it helps to reduce the implementation of multiple, small fundraising events (such as selling wrapping paper, candles, etc. that are usually time-consuming with an eventual feel of “giving fatigue”).  Last year, with the inclusion of monies donated to this similar request along with other Event Fundraisers throughout the year, our PTA was able to raise an approximate total of $35,000 in that most of the money from this amount has already been promised to meet the School’s requested budget of nearly $24,000… for  this current year.

Okay…Why do we need all this extra money for the school?  In brief, The Lee County School District provides only so much money per child, and, since we are a small school, the funds given are more limited in comparison to a larger school population.  Hence, why your PTA raises additional monies so that we can help to financially support a variety of worthwhile projects, activities, supplies, and events for the benefit of the entire school with continuous focus on school spirit and pride!  (An additional bonus to any child’s educational experience!)

The PTA will promote our donors in various forms of publications so that all can view who is associated with the progress of this amazing group effort!

THANK. YOU in advance for caring and for your generosity!!!

Continuous giving


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